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In the dynamic world of firearms, the handgun has etched its indelible mark as a quintessential tool for self-defense, sport, and professional applications. Revered for its compactness, versatility, and immediate accessibility, the handgun has become an emblem of personal empowerment and security. This review article embarks on a captivating journey through the realm of handguns, unveiling a curated selection of the finest models that encapsulate precision engineering, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering performance.

Selecting the optimal handgun transcends the realm of mere preference; it’s an endeavor that merges form and function, reliability, and innovation. With an influx of options flooding the market, the quest for the best handgun can appear labyrinthine. Our review serves as an illuminating guide, catering to novices, seasoned enthusiasts, and professionals seeking a profound understanding of handguns that stand as paragons of excellence.

Throughout this article, we will assess handguns not only based on their technical specifications but also on their real-world practicality, ease of use, and overall shooting experience.

Our Favorites:

Top 5 Best Handgun of this Year Reviews

1. GLOCK 17

The GLOCK 17 sets the gold standard for professional-grade handguns, serving as the trusted companion for law enforcement officers and military personnel worldwide. Crafted with unwavering reliability at its core, this 9x19mm caliber pistol embodies the pinnacle of firearm engineering, ensuring optimal performance when it matters most.

Reliability Beyond Measure

Built on the foundation of a legacy synonymous with dependability, the GLOCK 17 is engineered to operate flawlessly under the most demanding conditions. Law enforcement and military professionals entrust their lives to its consistent functionality, making it the go-to choice in high-stakes situations.

Unmatched Magazine Capacity

Equipped with a standard magazine that holds an impressive 17 rounds, the GLOCK 17 ensures you’re equipped to handle extended engagements without compromise. For those requiring even greater firepower, optional magazines are available in capacities of 19, 24, 31, 33, and 10 rounds, allowing you to tailor your loadout to the task at hand.

Safe Action® Trigger System

In high-pressure scenarios, split-second decisions can mean the difference between success and failure. The GLOCK 17’s innovative “Safe Action” trigger system provides a level of safety, ease, and speed that’s paramount when the stakes are high. This system allows for quick and intuitive firing without the need for a traditional external safety, ensuring that the pistol is primed to perform without hesitation.

Precision in Design

The GLOCK 17’s meticulous design guarantees optimal performance. With a barrel length of 114 mm (4.49 inches) and an overall length of 204 mm (8.03 inches), it strikes the perfect balance between compactness and accuracy. Its slide length of 186 mm (7.32 inches) and slide width of 25.5 mm (1.0 inch) further enhance its streamlined profile, enabling smooth draws and rapid follow-up shots.

Lightweight Advantage

Weighing in at just 625 g (22.05 oz) without the magazine, the GLOCK 17 is designed for extended use without causing fatigue. The fully loaded weight of 915 g (32.28 oz) ensures a balanced feel, providing superior control and accuracy in any scenario.

Precision Engineering for Professionals

With a trigger pull of 28 N, the GLOCK 17 offers a responsive firing experience that’s both consistent and controlled. Its width of 32 mm (1.26 inches) ensures a comfortable grip that accommodates a variety of hand sizes, making it an ergonomic and intuitive choice for professionals.

When your mission’s success hinges on unmatched reliability, firepower, and precision, there’s only one choice: the GLOCK 17. Trusted by professionals globally, it stands as a testament to GLOCK’s unwavering commitment to delivering the tools necessary for victory in the most critical of moments.


Elevate your shooting experience with the Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0, the latest evolution in the esteemed M&P polymer pistol lineage. Created to excel in personal, sporting, and professional contexts, the M&P M2.0 introduces an array of cutting-edge features that transform every facet of the pistol, from its trigger to its grip, frame, and finish.

Unveiling Innovation

The M&P M2.0 represents a groundbreaking leap in pistol design, ushering in innovative enhancements that cater to a multitude of demands. Witness a low barrel bore axis that redefines shooting comfort, effectively mitigating muzzle rise and enabling swift target reacquisition. This feature alone guarantees a heightened level of control, granting you the edge in fast-paced situations.

Enhanced Ergonomics

An optimal 18-degree grip angle sets the stage for instinctual and accurate aiming. With four interchangeable palmswell grip inserts – S, M, ML, L – the M&P M2.0 ensures an impeccable hand fit and a tailored trigger reach, resulting in an extension of your natural capabilities. The grip’s aggressive texture bolsters your mastery over the firearm, providing an unyielding hold even in challenging conditions.

Trigger Excellence

Experience the M&P M2.0’s remarkable trigger system, a testament to refined engineering. With a crisper break and a lighter pull, this trigger enhances your shooting precision and control. The tactile and audible trigger reset adds a layer of confidence, empowering you to maintain relentless accuracy with every shot.

Crafted for Performance

The M&P M2.0’s precision-crafted 1 in 10″ twist barrel underlines its commitment to accuracy, promising consistency across various shooting scenarios. The pistol’s extended rigid embedded stainless steel chassis is a testament to its structural integrity, minimizing flex and torque during firing for ultimate stability.

Stunning Aesthetics

Available in matte black or FDE (Flat Dark Earth) finishes, the M&P M2.0 is not just a tool but a statement of sophistication. Its Armornite® durable corrosion-resistant finish ensures lasting elegance while withstanding the rigors of frequent use.

Complete Package

The M&P M2.0 comes with an array of features that enhance your shooting experience. With its ergonomic design, precision engineering, and attention to detail, this pistol offers an unparalleled level of performance. It includes two magazines, a limited lifetime warranty, and a lifetime service policy, underlining Smith & Wesson’s commitment to your satisfaction.

3. CZ P-09

The CZ P-09 is meticulously engineered to meet the demands of precision shooters who seek top-tier accuracy, unparalleled firing capacity, and a featherlight build. Crafted with a durable, fiberglass-reinforced polymer frame, this pistol stands as the epitome of innovation, offering customization and reliability in equal measure.

Tailored to Perfection

With an unwavering commitment to ergonomics, the CZ P-09 empowers shooters to personalize their grip and finger reach. Its innovative design features interchangeable backstraps, ensuring that the pistol becomes an extension of your hand. This attention to detail sets the stage for unmatched comfort and control.

Sleek Dimensions

Measuring 148 x 37 x 208 mm, the CZ P-09 finds the perfect equilibrium between size and functionality. Its compact profile doesn’t compromise on performance, delivering accuracy and power in a streamlined package.

Precision Barrel

The 115 mm barrel of the CZ P-09 exemplifies the pursuit of accuracy. Engineered to exacting standards, it guarantees consistent shot placement with every pull of the trigger.

Unburdened Agility

Weighing a mere 860 grams with an empty magazine, the CZ P-09 defies expectations by minimizing weight without sacrificing durability. This lightweight advantage ensures agility and comfort, whether you’re in the range or on duty.

Unleash Power with Every Round

Chambered in 9 x 19 caliber, the CZ P-09 boasts a magazine capacity of 19 rounds. This remarkable firing capacity grants you the confidence to face any challenge without interruption.

Illuminating Sights

Equipped with luminescent sights, the CZ P-09 ensures visibility even in low-light scenarios. This feature facilitates quick target acquisition, enhancing your shooting prowess.

Dual Trigger System

Featuring both Single Action (SA) and Double Action (DA) trigger options, the CZ P-09 offers versatility that adapts to your preferences. With SA trigger pull at 21 N and DA trigger pull at 44 ± 2 N, you experience precise control with every shot.

Robust Safety Measures

The CZ P-09 prioritizes safety with a safety notch on the hammer, a decocking/manual safety feature, and a firing pin block. These elements underscore its commitment to responsible firearm handling.

Flawless Performance Metrics

Engage with a trigger travel of SA: 10 ± 1 mm and DA: 13 ± 2 mm, ensuring consistent response and accuracy. The trigger reset, at 7 ± 1 mm, contributes to rapid follow-up shots.

Experience CZ P-09

Discover a realm where accuracy, capacity, and lightweight design unite. The CZ P-09 is a testament to CZ’s dedication to excellence, offering a harmonious blend of innovation and performance that caters to the discerning shooter.


Introducing the SIG SAUER P320 Nitron Compact, your gateway to advanced concealment without compromising on caliber choices. This compact powerhouse redefines concealed carry, ensuring maximum discretion while maintaining the freedom to select your preferred caliber.

Seamless Blend of Concealment and Capability

Step into a new era of concealed carry with the SIG SAUER P320 Nitron Compact. Designed to excel in discreet defense, this pistol offers a compact form factor that seamlessly integrates into your everyday life, ensuring you’re always prepared.

Unlimited Caliber Flexibility

The P320 Compact opens up a world of possibilities by giving you the freedom to choose your caliber. Whether you lean towards 9mm, .40 S&W, or .357 SIG, the P320 Compact accommodates your preferences without compromise, enabling you to tailor your firearm to your needs.

Dynamic Design for Everyday Carry

Crafted with precision and purpose, the P320 Nitron Compact strikes a harmonious balance between size and firepower. Its compact frame ensures a comfortable and secure fit for concealed carry, while still offering the performance and accuracy SIG SAUER is renowned for.

Ergonomic Excellence

Embracing your hand naturally, the P320 Compact’s ergonomic design guarantees a confident and controlled grip. This intuitive handling ensures that your shots are always on target, giving you an advantage in critical moments.

Safety and Performance Unite

Built on the foundation of SIG SAUER’s commitment to safety and innovation, the P320 Compact is equipped with a range of features to enhance your shooting experience. From its intuitive controls to its smooth trigger pull, this pistol is a fusion of safety and performance.

Quality Craftsmanship and Durability

With SIG SAUER’s signature Nitron finish, the P320 Compact boasts a sleek and durable exterior that withstands the rigors of daily use. This finish not only enhances its aesthetics but also provides the protection necessary to maintain your pistol’s pristine appearance.

Ready for Action

The SIG SAUER P320 Nitron Compact is your concealed carry companion, engineered to blend seamlessly into your lifestyle while empowering you with choice and performance. Elevate your concealed carry game with a pistol that’s designed to go above and beyond.

5. RUGER MARK IV 22/45 22LR

Experience accuracy, versatility, and effortless maintenance with the Ruger Mark IV 22/45 22LR. This exceptional pistol is designed to elevate your shooting experience, offering a range of features that combine to create an unparalleled firearm for both sport and personal defense.

Precision Sighting System

Aim with confidence using the adjustable rear sight and fiber optic front sight mounted on a ventilated rib. The firearm also features a mounting position for Shield™ RMS pattern optics, enabling co-witnessing with the iron sights for seamless target acquisition (optic not included).

Effortless Takedown

Simplify your maintenance routine with the Ruger Mark IV 22/45’s unique one-button takedown system. With a press of a button located at the back of the frame, the barrel-receiver assembly tilts up and off the grip frame, facilitating easy field-stripping and chamber-to-muzzle cleaning without the need for tools.

Ergonomic Design and Grip

Enjoy a comfortable and precise grip with the precision-molded polymer grip frame. A serrated frontstrap and checkered backstrap ensure a secure hold, granting you complete control over your shots.

Crafted for Performance

The Ruger Mark IV 22/45 boasts a lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum receiver paired with a tensioned stainless steel barrel, optimizing balance and durability. The 1/2″-28 thread pattern provides compatibility with popular muzzle accessories, including the Ruger® Silent-SR® sound suppressor (thread protector included).

Uncompromising Accuracy

Experience exceptional accuracy and longevity with the cold hammer-forged barrel, delivering ultra-precise rifling. The ergonomic bolt stop, along with the internal cylindrical bolt construction, guarantees permanent sight-to-barrel alignment and accuracy that outperforms conventional moving-slide designs.

Reliable and Convenient Features

Operate with confidence using the ambidextrous manual safety, which can be converted to left-side only with the included washer. The push-button magazine release, located conveniently on the left side of the frame, ensures efficient magazine changes. The magazine drops free for swift reloading, while the magazine disconnect prevents discharge when the magazine is removed.

Comprehensive Package

The Ruger Mark IV 22/45 comes complete with two 10-round magazines, offering ample firepower for extended shooting sessions.

Elevate Your Shooting Experience

With the Ruger Mark IV 22/45 22LR, you’re equipped with a firearm that embodies precision, performance, and convenience. Whether you’re honing your skills on the range or relying on it for personal defense, this pistol delivers the reliability and accuracy Ruger is renowned for.

How to Properly Hold a Handgun


The foundation of proficient handgun shooting rests upon the mastery of the correct grip technique. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned shooter, understanding and implementing the proper grip is paramount for achieving precise accuracy, optimal control, and safe handling. In this guide, we delve into each step of the proper handgun grip, providing you with comprehensive insights to elevate your shooting skills to the next level.

Proper Handgun Grip: Mastering Control and Accuracy

1. Dominant Hand Placement

Begin with your dominant hand, enveloping the grip. Wrap your fingers firmly around the grip’s surface, ensuring that your index finger aligns parallel to the barrel. Position the fleshy part of your palm high on the backstrap of the grip to maximize your grasp.

2. Non-Dominant Hand Placement

Bring your non-dominant hand into play, interlocking your fingers with those of your dominant hand. Plant your non-dominant thumb alongside the frame, pointing toward your target. Your non-dominant palm should exert gentle pressure on the grip for added stability.

3. V-Grip and Trigger Finger Placement

Form a “V” shape between the thumb and index finger of your non-dominant hand, aligning it with the handgun’s slide or ejection port. Meanwhile, your trigger finger should rest outside the trigger guard, straight and indexed along the frame, ready for action.

4. Thumb Placement

Position your dominant thumb atop your non-dominant thumb. The dominant thumb should rest on the frame just above the non-dominant thumb. This dual-stack thumb placement bolsters your grip, enhancing stability and control.

5. Wrapping Fingers

Ensure both hands envelop the grip as high as possible. By maintaining a high grip, you mitigate recoil effects and manage muzzle rise efficiently. The aim is to create a secure, unyielding grasp on the handgun.

6. Slight Forward Lean

Allow the handgun to lean slightly forward within your grip. This inclination aligns the barrel with your forearm, facilitating improved recoil management and heightened accuracy during shooting.

7. Push-Pull Tension

Generate push-pull tension between your hands. Your dominant hand applies a pushing force, while your non-dominant hand exerts a pulling force. This harmonious tension amplifies stability, effectively curbing muzzle climb.

8. Stance and Arm Extension

Adopt a stable shooting stance, with feet shoulder-width apart and a slight forward lean. Extend your arms fully toward the target, locking your elbows. This extension optimizes accuracy and minimizes the impact of recoil.

9. Focus on Front Sight

Prioritize the front sight as you prepare to shoot. Ensure proper alignment with the rear sights and the target. A crystal-clear sight picture is instrumental in accurate shot placement.

10. Breathing and Trigger Control

Regulate your breathing and establish a steady rhythm as you gear up to fire. As your focus remains unwavering on the front sight, gradually exert pressure on the trigger with a controlled, smooth pull. Sidestep the temptation to jerk or slap the trigger.

11. Practice and Feedback

Embark on consistent practice sessions dedicated to refining your handgun grip technique. Regular range time is invaluable. Seeking guidance from experienced shooters or instructors can provide invaluable feedback and insights to fine-tune your grip and enhance your shooting prowess.

Elevating your handgun shooting prowess hinges on mastering the intricacies of the proper grip. By internalizing these steps and dedicating time to deliberate practice, you’re well on your way to becoming a more confident, accurate, and responsible handgun shooter.

How to Choose the Best Handgun

keeping a handgun on table

Selecting the right handgun is a crucial decision that demands careful consideration. Whether you’re looking for self-defense, concealed carry, target shooting, or competition, finding the perfect firearm requires a balance of factors to meet your needs and preferences. This comprehensive guide will walk you through essential considerations, ensuring you make an informed choice that aligns with your goals and priorities.

1. Purpose

Determine the primary purpose for which you need the handgun. Are you seeking a firearm for self-defense, concealed carry, competitive shooting, or general range use? Identifying your intended use will significantly narrow down your options and guide your selection.

2. Caliber

Choosing the right caliber is critical for performance and effectiveness. Consider factors such as recoil, stopping power, ammunition availability, and cost. Popular handgun calibers include 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, and .380 ACP. Research how each caliber suits your intended purpose.

3. Ergonomics and Fit

Ergonomics play a pivotal role in comfort and control. Look for a handgun that fits comfortably in your hand and offers an ergonomic grip. Grip size, texture, and overall feel contribute to accurate shooting and user satisfaction. Ensure that you can reach all controls easily.

4. Size and Concealability

If you’re considering concealed carry, opt for a compact or subcompact handgun that’s easy to conceal without sacrificing performance. Larger handguns might be better suited for home defense or range shooting, as they offer better accuracy and control.

5. Capacity

The capacity of the handgun’s magazine is important, especially for self-defense scenarios. Balance the desire for higher capacity with the trade-off in size and weight. For competitive shooting or target practice, a larger magazine capacity might be more convenient.

6. Action Type

Handguns come in various action types, each with its own characteristics. Single-action (SA), double-action (DA), and striker-fired are common options. Your preference and comfort level with a specific action type should guide your choice.

7. Safety Features

Safety features are paramount for responsible firearm ownership. Consider whether you want a handgun with manual safeties, trigger safeties, or grip safeties. These mechanisms prevent accidental discharges and enhance overall safety during handling.

8. Sights and Optics

Sights are crucial for accuracy and target acquisition. Look for handguns with clear and easily visible sights. Some models also offer optics-ready options, allowing you to attach red dot sights or reflex sights for improved accuracy.

9. Recoil Management

Recoil can affect your shooting experience and accuracy. The handgun’s weight, design, and caliber all influence recoil management. Heavier handguns tend to have less recoil, while lighter ones may require more practice to control effectively.

10. Reliability and Durability

Reliability and durability are non-negotiable. Research the reputation of the manufacturer and specific handgun model. Reviews, recommendations from experienced shooters, and the brand’s track record can provide valuable insights into the firearm’s performance over time.

11. Brand and Quality

Opt for reputable brands with a history of producing high-quality firearms. Investing in a well-crafted handgun ensures better performance, longevity, and overall satisfaction.

12. Test and Try

Whenever possible, visit a shooting range or gun store to handle and test various handguns. Firing different models helps you gauge how they feel in your hands, how they shoot, and whether they align with your preferences.

13. Legal and Regulatory Considerations

Before making a purchase, familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations governing handgun ownership in your jurisdiction. Understand concealed carry permit requirements, firearm restrictions, and any limitations on features.

14. Budget

Set a budget that encompasses not only the cost of the handgun but also ammunition, accessories, and training. While quality often comes at a price, investing wisely ensures a reliable and enjoyable shooting experience.

Making an informed decision when choosing a handgun requires a holistic approach. Carefully weigh each of these factors to select a firearm that suits your needs, empowers you with confidence, and aligns with your shooting goals.

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